About Us

The Freshwater Trust and Upstream Tech partnered in 2019 to co-create the BasinScout® Platform.

The two organizations have worked together since 2015. Yet the partnership for BasinScout Platform allows for deeper collaboration and more rapid development to address pressing watershed management needs.

The Freshwater Trust (TFT) is a nonprofit with a mission to preserve and restore freshwater ecosystems. The 36-year-old organization develops data analytics applications and methodologies to support strategic watershed restoration project planning, tracking, and reporting. Since 2011, TFT has used its patented StreamBank® suite of tools, including its BasinScout methods, for assessing watersheds, prioritizing restoration actions and monitoring long-term benefits. In addition to technology, TFT has a solid track record of implementing projects in and along rivers throughout the Pacific Northwest to benefit native species habitat, water quality and streamflow goals.

Upstream Tech designs and develops decision-support technologies for scalable environmental conservation. As a public benefit corporation, Upstream Tech leverages innovations such as satellite data and machine learning to translate data into efficient actions for land conservation, agriculture, and water management.

BasinScout Platform combines TFT’s analytical conservation expertise and BasinScout process with Upstream Tech’s machine learning capabilities. This new, automated platform can more rapidly and efficiently assess agricultural practices and restoration actions, and develop feasible, cost-effective scenarios across large, complex geographical areas.

TFT’s content knowledge and experience with on-the-ground agricultural conservation improvements enables Upstream Tech to develop an actionable scenario-planning tool. By incorporating TFT’s models and enhancing their scalability with Upstream Tech’s satellite data and machine-learning capabilities, users will be equipped to analyze agricultural and land use conditions efficiently and evaluate opportunities for improved management practices to achieve environmental outcomes.