Optimize conservation outcomes

with insights from field to watershed

Why Use BasinScout® Platform?

BasinScout® Platform uses satellite data and machine learning to allow users to rapidly assess field-level agricultural management practices and their impact on water resources, as well as run possible scenarios for achieving conservation outcomes within budget constraints.


  • Confidently make decisions for conservation programs using insights derived from up-to-date satellite data.
  • Reach conservation goals by implementing targeted recommendations.
  • Protect natural resources and improve resiliency by driving agricultural management improvements across a large geography.

What Can BasinScout Platform Do for You?

  • Groundwater Sustainability Planning. Design a basin-wide plan based on specific changes in agricultural management practices — such as irrigation upgrades and cover cropping — that will play a critical part in meeting regulatory goals.
  • Nutrient and Sediment Runoff Reductions. Create a watershed improvement program focused on field-level actions such as vegetated buffers and irrigation upgrades that translate to outcomes for surface water quality.
  • Water Management. Determine optimal areas to improve management practices, such as irrigation methods, to improve water use efficiency and reach water conservation outcomes.

How Can BasinScout Platform Empower Your Work?

1. Scan large areas to evaluate current management practices, such as irrigation patterns and cover cropping.

2. Create a scenario that quantifies the impacts of feasible actions on water quality and watershed conditions.

3. Generate targeted recommendations by field to improve water use, nutrient runoff, or other objectives.

4. Prioritize actions given budget constraints to achieve conservation outcomes.